I'm Brian Spies

The act of creation is an investment in the future, in the belief that there will be a future, a place, a person and time where this act of creation will be received. This investment in the the potential of commune, more so than some cynical bid for immortality, is why I, as an artist, make; to assert my belief, unwavering, that tomorrow will come. It is an act of going all in on this endeavor. This gamblers investment in tomorrow, in a hope, maybe unreasonable, that in fumbling and feeling my way through this world I will somehow stumble towards beauty and in those moments of accidental intoxicating bliss I will communicate to a public, I do not know with certainty exists, some sort of something resembling truth. I create work exploring the presentation of bodies and how that informs what we, as a society, value. Informed by historical and cultural expectations and their limitations, my work seeks a redress to and ultimately to create a greater understanding of the complexity of our collective and individual experiences and to communicate the importance of that diversity through pointing my lens at something as to say, this matters. This is art and thus has value.